Activity log

The Activity log tab contains a list of actions of a certain user. Each action is shown as the difference between the new and the previous states of the system entity. The difference is shown in the JSON format.

Information from the Activity log can be transferred to high-level systems over the REST API.
activity table
Activity log

Activity table columns




Timestamp of the action.


User’s action. Possible values:

  • Created

  • Removed

  • Modified


Type of the target entity. Possible entity types:

  • Object

  • Link

  • Flow

  • Class

  • User

  • StateConditions

  • StateTriggers

  • StateHistory

  • Reference

  • Property

  • HistoryAnnotation

  • UserGroup

  • Session

  • NotificationTemplate

  • Operation

  • IncidentConditions

  • State

  • Dictionary

  • Configuration

  • StatRules

  • IncidentLevel


Difference between the current and previous state of the entity.

- Previous state is shown in red
+ The new state in green