Link parameters

In case of a link, general parameters and styles can be set in this section.


The general parameters can be set on this tab.

Link’s name depends on names of linked objects and direction of the link. Link’s name cannot be modified by users.
Field Description


Unique link identifier.


Date and time of the link creation (it is fixed automatically).


Date and time of the last link change (it is fixed automatically).

Show direction

If No then the direction of the link is not shown.

If Yes then the direction of the link is shown.

Link type

It specifies the type of link display: rectangular, rounded, straight.

Align widgets

It sets a way to align widgets.


They are used with search and bulk operations and incident filters.


It displays the current state of the link and allows to set it manually.


Weight coefficient of influence of this link on the parent object.


The link owner. This parameter is automatically fixed, when the link is created, and it can be manually changed.


Link appearance in the Standard view can be set up on this tab, using CSS.


Last state change

Each link has a "Changed" field, where the date and time of the last state change of this link is recorded. This field updates on the following events: