Radial is a radar chart.

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This widget allows to choose and compare several metrics with the same names from three or more objects. For example, memory usage - the MEM.percentUsed metric - on three hosts.

Field Description

Show label

It displays or hides metric name under its value.

Label text

It allows to set custom metric name.

Value type

It allows to select displaying of numeric metric:

  • current value,

  • minimum value,

  • average value,

  • maximum value,

  • number of values,

  • sum of values,

  • standard deviation.


For all of the value types, except for the current value, it is possible to display the metric value for the last:

  • hour,

  • day,

  • week,

  • month,

  • quarter,

  • year,

  • another period defined in the fields From and To.

Widgets time range image button on the Breadcrumbs panel temporally switches displaying data to other periods. It does not change widget settings.

Count from

It determines the logic of the period count:

  • present moment | displays the value type for the selected period, counting from the present moment.

  • calendar period | displays the value type for the selected period, counting from the calendar beginning.

For previous period

It calculates the metric value for the previous period.
The offset can be defined in the field Period offset.


It changes layer colors.

Display legend

It displays or hides the legend - the metric name.