Forward incidents to 3rd-party systems

In order to forward alarm messages to the high-level systems it is necessary to follow next steps.

  1. Enable the incidents functionality in the section Server of the server configuration file and set the path to the incidents forwarding script:

    "server" : {
     "conditional_incidents_enabled" : true,
     "conditional_incidents_script": "/home/saymon/scripts/",
  2. Add incident triggers for classes or individual objects to MongoDB:

    mongo saymon
    db.incidentTriggers.insert({ "ownerId" : 1042, "ownerType" : 4, "body" : [ { "type" : "conditional_incidents_script", "payload" : { }, "states" : [ 1,2,4] } ] })


    • ownerID is the id of the entity which the trigger is added for,

    • ownerType is the type of the entity which the trigger is added for (4 is class, 1 is object),

    • states is the severity level of incidents which the trigger is executed for.

In the example above the trigger script is executed when the incident with any severity level is taken place for any object of the 1042 class.

Two arguments are passed to the script:

  • $1 is the incident body,

  • $2 is array of properties of the object which the incident refers to.