This section allows you to view and attach documents to objects, links and flows. System supports the following document types:

  • links to external or internal web pages (for example, Wikipedia or internal wiki-resource);

  • files in one of the supported formats – PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, ZIP.

Press the link in the list to view attached documents:

documents list
Links and PDF files will be opened in a new tab. Files of other formats will be downloaded instead.

Attach document

Click the image button (Edit) in the top right corner of the section to add a document or delete an existing one.


The image button deletes the corresponding document.

Click the image button and select the required document to upload it.

Enter the title and address of the link into the corresponding fields and click the image button to add a link to a web page.

Similarly to the Properties section, it is possible to add links to the device administration interfaces (for example, or direct SSH access (for example, ssh://admin@ as documents.