General tab represents basic information about the selected user or group.

User settings

It is possible to:

  • change email associated with the user’s account, and user’s display name,

  • set user’s status,

  • set user groups,

  • generate token for direct access to the system without login and password authorization with the image button,

  • set a user language.

The parameters

  • Status,

  • Active to,

  • Group

along with the possibility to view and modify data of groups and other accounts are available only to users with the permission for manage users.

Active to parameter is not available for users authenticated via Keycloak or LDAP.


The language which is set here does not affect to the language of user interface, but it can be used in:

Default language can be set by the parameter lang_default in the subsection User of the section Server of the server configuration file.

User status

Due to the statuses it is possible to control user’s access to the system and observe the user registration process.

Status Description

Not activated

The user created their account via registration form in the web interface, having set the password. To change the status to Active the user must activate their account by clicking the link from the notification.

Not activated with password

The account was created without user’s activity, the password had not been set. To change the status to Active the user must activate their account by clicking the link from the notification and set the password.


The user has access to the system in accordance with their permissions.


The access to the system is denied for the user.

It is possible to set account expiration date and time in the Active to field. The status of the account will be automatically changed to Blocked.

If the set time is less than the current one, then the status of the account is immediately changed to Blocked.

Group settings

If a group is chosen in the list, then the name and members of the group can be modified on this tab.

Any user can belong to unlimited number of groups. Rights and limits of a user and their groups are summed up.