Counter is the simplest and the most common widget to display text and numeric values from the Data table.

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This widget allows to select one metric from one object.

Field Description

Show label

It displays or hides metric name under displayed value.

Label text

It allows to set custom metric name.

Value type

It allows to select displaying of numeric metric:

  • current value,

  • minimum value,

  • average value,

  • maximum value,

  • number of values,

  • sum of values,

  • standard deviation.


For all of the value types, except for the current value, it is possible to display the metric value for the last:

  • hour,

  • day,

  • week,

  • month,

  • quarter,

  • year,

  • another period defined in the fields From and To.

Widgets time range image button on the Breadcrumbs panel temporally switches displaying data to other periods. It does not change widget settings.

Count from

It determines the logic of the period count:

  • present moment | displays the value type for the selected period, counting from the present moment.

  • calendar period | displays the value type for the selected period, counting from the calendar beginning.

For previous period

It calculates the metric value for the previous period. The offset can be defined in the field Period offset.

"As-is" value

Shows the raw metric value as it was received.

This functionality allows you to show leading zeros. For example, this can be used to correctly show serial numbers.

Abbreviated value

It transforms numbers to the compact view with K, M, G and T postfixes.


It allows to change a theme to apply to widget:

  • standard,

  • car,

  • vintage.


It displays all lines of the metric value. If the parameter is off, only the first line of the value is displayed.


It serves to display the data that came from the agent in a human-readable form on the widget Counter. The Dictionary is the set of records in the form Key = Value. The data obtained from the agent are compared with the Key. If a match is found, the corresponding Value will be displayed on the widget.

The number of created dictionaries and the rows stored in them for one widget is not limited. Keys and Values can be represented in both alphabetic and numeric notation.

The button image allows to see the list of already existing dictionaries.