Agent log files configuration

Configuration of agent log files is stored in the following files:

  • <PROGRAMFILES>/SAYMON Agent/conf/logback-winservice.xml (Windows).

  • /opt/saymon-agent/conf/logback-daemon.xml (Linux/Mac OS).

Logging is performed at the INFO level. If necessary, it is possible to configure the debug mode additionally.

The agent creates new logs once a day. Old logs are archived.

Archiving is performed when new information from the agent is added to the log. If there are no new entries, archiving is not performed.

Basic logging

An example of the basic logging settings section:

<appender name="FILE-INFO" class="RollingFileAppender">
    <rollingPolicy class="TimeBasedRollingPolicy">
        <!-- Daily rollover -->
        <!-- Keep 10 days' worth of history -->
        <!-- Limit total size of all archive logs to 50 MB. -->
    <encoder class="PatternLayoutEncoder">
        <pattern>%d{dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss.SSS} [%-15thread] %-5level %logger{36} - %msg %kvp%n%rootException</pattern>


  • <file>log/</file> — location of the log file;

  • <fileNamePattern>…​ .zip</fileNamePattern> — instruction to archive files in .zip format;

  • <maxHistory>10</maxHistory> — file storage duration in days;

  • <totalSizeCap>50MB</totalSizeCap> — disk space limitations for storing logs.

Detailed information about the settings is available in Logback documentation.

Activation of Debug mode

To activate the debug mode, it is necessary to:

  1. Replace the contents of the agent log configuration file with the contents of the following file:

    • logback-winservice-debug.xml (Windows);

    • logback-daemon-debug.xml (Linux/Mac OS).

      This file contains the debug mode settings section:

      <appender name="FILE-DEBUG" class="RollingFileAppender">
      The file with the debug mode settings section is located in the same folder as the agent log configuration file.
  2. Restart agent:

    • SaymonAgent service (Windows);

    • saymon-agent service (Linux/Mac OS).

The parameters and structure of the debug-mode section are similar to those of the basic logging section.