All objects, links and flows can have properties. Property is any text information, specified for the entity, in the name-value format.

Properties allow to add descriptions and other useful information to objects.

Properties can be unfilled - with empty value.

Setting properties up

In order to add a new property or change an existing one, it is necessary to click the image button (Edit) at the top right corner of the section.

Some properties add supplemental fields to the object context menu. The following can be specified in properties:

  • the link for quick transition to the web interface of the device: the web_link property;

  • server address to access it via SSH or Telnet: the address or ip property.


The image button deletes the corresponding property.

The entity’s name is displayed in the pop-up window, summoned from the context menu of the object or link:


Displaying properties

The buttons image and image allow you to show and hide values of properties respectively on the parent objects in the Standard view.

An object and a reference to the object have custom settings for displaying properties: