Page with session log

The session log can be opened with the direct link, which can be used for embedding into the IFrame widget:


The link has the following structure:



  • <SAYMON_server_address> is the IP address or FQDN of the SAYMON installation;

  • <additional_parameters> are settings which determine the view of the page.


In this example:

  • the server works on the localhost and available at the address;

  • with page loading, the last month is set as the time period;

  • data is limited to 10 records.

Additional parameters:

Parameter Description


Time period to display the session log with page loading.

By default, sessions for the last hour are displayed.

The parameter can take the following values:

  • period=last-hour | last hour,

  • period=last-24hours | last day,

  • period=last-7days | last week,

  • period=last-30days | last month,

  • period=last-90days | last quarter,

  • period=last-365days | last year.


Maximum number of returned records.

Default limit is 30 records.