Using SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is a digital signature that can be used to provide a secure and encrypted connection to the platform.

An SSL certificate is used to encrypt information and create secure connections. With this technology, SAYMON server can send data to clients without the risk of data interception by a third party.

There are the following ways to obtain an SSL certificate:

  • obtain a free SSL certificate from a certification authority (for example, Let’s Encrypt);

  • create a self-signed SSL certificate;

  • buy a commercial SSL certificate from a certification authority.

Self-signed SSL certificates

A self-signed SSL certificate is a certificate that is created by a user.

Advantages of self-signed SSL certificates:

  • a user can create a certificate for free;

  • a user can create an unlimited number of SSL certificates.

Disadvantages of self-signed SSL certificates:

  • browsers display a security warning, saying that the certificate is not verified by a trusted certification authority;

  • possible errors when designing and displaying certificates.

Self-signed SSL certificates are not suitable for use by legal entities. As a rule, such certificates are used by single users or groups of users on internal resources for testing or protection of non-critical services.

Free SSL certificates

A free SSL certificate is a certificate that can be obtained from a certification authority (such as Cloudflare or Let’s Encrypt) for free.

Advantages of free SSL certificates:

  • opportunity to get the certificate for free;

  • opportunity to get the certificate quickly;

  • easy installation procedure.

Disadvantages of free SSL certificates:

  • low level of security for users (certificates validate only a domain name);

  • short validity period (3 months);

  • browsers and search engines can stop trusting the certificates;

  • lack of the trust seal of a certification authority;

  • procedures for installation and renewal of the certificate require administration skills;

  • lack of technical support.

It is recommended to use a free SSL certificate to get familiar with the technology before buying a commercial SSL certificate.

Commercial certificates

A commercial certificate is a certificate can be purchased from a certification center or a distribution partner.

Advantages of commercial SSL certificates:

  • opportunity to choose the type of the certificate with the necessary level of protection for both individuals and legal entities;

  • high security level;

  • presence of the seal of trust;

  • long validity period (1 year);

  • compatibility with a large number of browsers;

  • absence of notifications from the browser security system;

  • technical support for installation and use of the SSL certificate.

It is recommended to use commercial SSL certificates for protection of Internet resources of small, medium and large businesses.