This section is designed to set up a check, results of which are displayed on the object or link.

The number of fields shown depends on the probe type. All built-in probe types and their settings are described in detail in the Monitoring and checks settings section.

Description of the most common fields:

Field Description


The name of an agent, registered in the system, with its ID and path to it in the hierarchy.

By default the system attempts to find the nearest agent to the object in hierarchy.

By clicking the button image detailed information about the selected SAYMON Agent can be gotten.

Probe type

Selection of the probe type that is used in the monitoring process. There are built-in and custom probe types.


Time period, during which the agent waits for check completion from the moment of its execution.

By default, timeout is 30 seconds.

If the check is not completed within this period, the state of the object changes to ALARM with the corresponding error, for example Sensor error!, Ping exited with error, exit code: 1.

Timeout works incorrectly with Program/script execution probes. If the script execution takes longer than the specified timeout, the object changes its state to WORKING and the probe returns the following data:

script timeout bug


Time period between checks. Starts from the moment when the previous check is completed. For each check a default value is displayed, which is used unless the user sets a value manually. The default value differs for different checks.

Below is an example of monitoring setup with the Ping probe:


Custom probes

SAYMON supports custom monitoring probes. These probes are shown in the "Probe Type" dropdown menu together with built-in probes. You can differentiate them by the icon – custom probes don’t have one.

When you select a custom probe, the system will show all arguments specified in the custom probe’s configuration file as well as the "Timeout" field.

Default timeout value is 30 seconds.