Standard view

This view provides the most complete and illustrative information about child objects and links between them in terms of object hierarchy.


Each block represents an object or a group of objects, such as a virtual or physical server, individual counters or business metrics.

Colors of the strips at the left edge of the blocks and colors of the links correspond to the colors of their current states.

With the corresponding rights users can move blocks or change their size. If block width or height is significantly decreased, the block will switch to compact mode, and its inner subsystems will be represented as mini counters according to subsystems states.

If observed blocks are interrelated, it can be represented with links between the corresponding objects.

The general schema can be not only scrolled, but also dragged by its background.

In this view when the mouse cursor is over the object, the icons for additional actions are displayed at the top right corner of the object:





Add a widget to the object.


Switch to the End view of the object.


Open the Info modal window of the object.


Move the object.