Agent selection

If the probe is carried by an agent it is necessary to select one from the Agent dropdown list. This list contains all installed agents, which are available for the current user.

Using the filter it is possible to find the agent by

  • the agent’s name,

  • the name of one of the parent objects higher in the hierarchy (from the parent object to the rooted one).

    If the multi-parent mode is turned on for the agent, the agent is displayed in the list just once. The parent object with the least ID is indicated in the path.

The dropdown list displays:

  • the agent state (the point color corresponds the state color)

  • the agent name,

  • the agent ID,

  • the full path to the agent in the hierarchy.


The button image on the right pops-up Info modal window with information about the selected agent.

Information about agent version is indicated in the header of the Info modal window.