Security log

Security log UI allows you to see and export a list of security events that happened in the system.

This page is not enabled by default. To enable this page, follow the steps in the Enable Security Log section.
security log

UI element



Select a period for which to show security events.

calendar button opens a calendar.

clear button clears the date.

You can quickly set the time period with the "hour", "day", "week", "month", "quarter", "year" buttons.


You can filter events by field in this menu. Press the apply button to apply filters.

Security events table




Event timestamp.


Host that generated the event.

Event ID

ID of the event type. You can see a list of every Event ID in the Security log events article.

Event description

Short description of the event according to Event ID. You can see a description of each Event ID in the Security log events article.

Detailed info

Information about the event in the JSON format.