Simplified display modes

There is the simplified version for all display modes. In the simplified mode minimum of necessary information for viewing data about the object or link is loaded. This significantly reduces time to get data from server and the web browser memory usage.


The simplified default view opens for objects clicked in

The object tree is unavailable in the simplified version. Only the objects which are necessary for correct displaying the information about the current one are loaded:

  • the parent objects,

  • the child objects,

  • the agent which executes the probe,

  • the objects used in the widgets.

In the simplified views the views panel is hidden. Instead there is the button image for opening the corresponding general view of the object in a new browser tab.

The breadcrumbs panel displays only the name of the parent object instead of the full path to the current object in the hierarchy. If the multi-parent mode for the object is set, it is possible to open any parent object with the dropdown list.