Release notes

v.3.15.90 – 26.04.2024

UI improvements:

  • you can now hide columns of the event log with the hideColumns request parameter;

  • embedded graph widget was updated. The following functionality was added:

    • search bar in the metrics selector;

    • data table for the selected graph;

    • export to CSV button;

    • exported PDF file now has all currently displayed table data.

  • added new object controls to the main toolbar:

    • "Add here" function;

    • "Move here" function.

  • "Period" field in the Monitoring section now displays the default value;

  • you can now sort table view by time and duration;

  • "Active to" field is hidden for Keycloak and LDAP users;

  • states in tables are now sorted by their priority.

Server improvements:

Bug fixes:

  • fixed an issue that led to an incorrect data being saved in an object after adding a graph;

  • fixed an issue that prevented the "duration" condition from working when analyzing multiple metrics.

v.3.14.89 - 27.12.2023

UI improvements:

  • users can now add non-HTTP links (for example, smb:// `or `mailto://) as documents.

  • added simplified object access interface;

  • values in the graphs popup are now sorted in the descending order;

  • Event log page was adapted to use in the iframe widget; added new filters;

  • operations interface can now prompt user for operation arguments;

  • you can now attach DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, and ZIP documents to objects.

  • the CSV file with the exported "Data" section now has a data acquisition timestamp, name and identifier of an object that collected data;

  • Jira trigger is now hidden in the list by default, can be re-enabled in the Web application configuration;

Server improvements:


Issues fixed:

  • entity’s "Changed" field now changes when you add, edit or delete properties.

  • when you clone an object, its creation date is now set to the cloning time, not the creation date of the original object;

  • fixed an issues that led to a missing "Parent" field in the group operations window.

v.3.13.88 - 29.09.2023

  • Added security log.

  • Added an ability to skip writing stat data to the database. To do this, set the agent_stat.ttl parameter to 0 in the server configuration.

v.3.13.87 - 18.08.2023

UI improvements:

  • added buttons to show numbers "as-is" and leading zeros to the "Counter" widget;

  • added "Timeout" parameter to custom probes;

  • added the comment chain for active alarms;

  • changed design of the "Yes/No" switch;

  • added the ability to enable or disable metrics on multigraphs.

  • you can now export standard view of objects as PDF;

  • added the stat history table;

  • added the automatic update of the name and properties of Host objects generated with the autodiscovery mechanism.

  • standardized the behavior of edited fields. Every field that used to automatically apply changes, now requires a press of a "Save" or "Apply" button.

  • user’s Activity log moved to a separate tab;

  • when you apply state change conditions to a class, the list of objects whose state change conditions will not be overridden is now displayed in the popup.

  • users can now set Display name in user configuration.

Server improvements:

  • improved user passwords encryption – now passwords are encrypted with the bcrypt password-hashing function;

  • improved the performance of selecting the incident from history by its parent object;


v.3.12.86 - 28.04.2023


Web interface improvements:

Server improvements:

Server configuration options:

v.3.11.85 - 21.12.2022

Users and accounts:


Web interface improvements:

Server improvements:

Web interface configuration options:

Server configuration options:

New agent features:

Other improvements:

  • Socket.IO updated to v.4.5.0.

v.3.10.84 - 14.07.2022

v.3.9.83 - 08.04.2022

v.3.8.82 - 19.10.2021

v.3.7.81 - 01.04.2021

  • improved user experience for object’s geoposition settings;

  • new MongoDB version - 4.2;

  • possibility to temporary set time range for displaying data on graphs and widgets.

v.3.6.80 - 15.01.2021

  • Extensions for additional functionality;

  • the first widget is displayed on the objects in the Grid view;

  • added the possibility to block clicks on objects in all Display modes and Navigation panel;

  • possibility to send breadcrumbs in notifications;

  • severity of alarms is displayed in Alarm history;

  • added the button "Apply filter" in filters of incidents;

  • system states are available in state change conditions;

  • for objects, which state has been changed to "Down," an incident is automatically created by default;

  • in the section "Users" of the system configuration window the interface of the tab Permissions was improved;

  • added the possibility to send notifications, related to user registration or restoring access, in different languages.

v.3.5.79 - 02.06.2020

  • added a grid view for objects;

  • added saving the history of operations executions;

  • moved to a separated column a path to an object in a list of alarms (see Active alarms);

  • added an icon that allows showing detailed information about an agent (see the "Monitoring" section).

v.3.4.78 - 08.04.2020

v.3.3.77 - 07.10.2019

v.3.2.76 - 25.01.2019

v.3.2.75 - 26.10.2018

v.3.1.74 - 01.08.2018

v.3.1.73 - 05.07.2018

v.3.1.72 - 27.04.2018

  • filter by users and groups in the configuration section;

  • possibility to specify interface for ping probe;

  • displaying of the current server version number in Web UI.

v.3.1.71 - 28.03.2018

v.3.0.70 - 25.12.2017

v.3.0.69 - 18.12.2017

  • new "Owner" field in Parameters section has been added;

  • modified "Color Picker" component to edit the object states and button widget;

  • improved system architecture;

  • the date of the last modification of the object in Parameters section has been added.

v.2.0.68 - 30.11.2017

v.2.0.67 - 13.10.2017

  • added the mechanism of creating objects in the mode discovery;

v.2.0.66 - 12.10.2017

v.1.10.65 - 07.07.2017

v.1.10.64 - 06.07.2017

v.1.10.63 - 19.05.2017

v.1.9.62 - 20.02.2017

  • UDP support for Binary Protocol;

  • web-interface in Italian;

  • Agent v.3.2.54 -

v.1.9.61 - 13.02.2017

  • Binary Protocol sensor;

  • descriptions for State change conditions;

  • disable system notifications sound;

  • possibility to change object state manually - aka the maintenance mode;

  • user interface language switcher;

  • support of "entityId" variable in notification templates;

  • optimization of Navigation panel for better performance;

  • support of count, sum and deviation operators for metrics' values to show in widgets;

  • Agent v.3.1.53 with OS Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 compatibility and Binary Sensor support -

v.1.8.58 - 16.12.2016

  • FTP-sensor;

  • sound notifications on object state change;

  • tags for objects and links in Parameters section to perform quick search and bulk operations;

  • date and state filters in State history of objects;

  • state filter for objects in Table View;

  • "Include all" / "Exclude all" buttons in user management Permissions tab;

  • direct access to the system without authorization by login/password;

  • notification templates;

  • displaying of IP-addresses of the host where the agent is installed in the Agent Data table of the "Agent" object class;

  • basic data transfer between different installations of the system (Data Import and Export);

  • new REST-method for force change of states of objects and links;

  • agent systemd support;

  • Agent v.3.0.50 -

v.1.8.57 - 11.11.2016

  • possibility to add triggers for system states.

v.1.8.56 - 03.11.2016

  • possibility to add widget to any object using data from any other object of the system;

  • possibility to resize any widget;

  • human-readable State history;

  • displaying user actions (from audit log) on graphs.

v.1.8.55 - 07.09.2016

  • voice call notification for triggers;

  • support of cyrillic symbols in Agent Data table;

  • filter in File System sensor.

v.1.8.54 - 23.08.2016

  • MQTT support;

  • search and bulk operations for objects;

  • new "Level" widget to display percent data as a bar chart;

  • optimization of search in drop-down lists;

  • history of user actions;

  • customizable headers for HTTP-sensor;

  • HP Vertica SQL-sensor;

  • Agent v.3.0.48 -

v.1.7.53 - 19.07.2016

  • new way to specify arguments for "Program / script execution" sensor;

  • Event Log access filter for users and groups;

  • annotations on graphs;

  • widgets editing.

v.1.7.52 - 30.06.2016

  • min/avg/max values for metrics on widgets;

  • legend for graph widgets;

  • possibility to assign event to a user in Event Log;

  • label with number of filtered traps in Event Log.

v.1.7.51 - 20.06.2016

  • joint graph widget;

  • object state change notifications buffering;

  • LDAP-integration for user authorization;

  • improved SNMP-Trap collapsing in Event Log;

  • all sections and graphs in End View and Info Modal are collapsed by default;

  • new dark theme to display objects (and subobjects) of "Dashboard" class;

  • new "Abbreviated value" option for "Counter" widget;

  • fixed displaying of CPU.percentageUsage.XXX metric values in Agent Data section;

  • fixed problem when some objects did not change their states to "Object is not monitored" on probe disabling;

  • Agent v.3.0.47 -

v.1.6.50 - 30.05.2016

  • event cancellation in Event Log on Clear-trap reception;

  • Event Log context menu to:

    • change trap text temporarily;

    • cancel accident manually (trap deletion);

  • sorting of SNMP-traps in Event Log by any field;

  • automatic scaling of "Structure" widget when changing the size of the object.

v.1.6.49 - 11.05.2016

  • updated SNMP Trap search engine in Event Log;

  • new way to assign severity levels to SNMP Traps;

  • displaying default Trap OID for SNMP Trap v.1;

  • updated Telegram notifications;

  • support of HTTP Basic Auth in API-requests;

  • Agent v.3.0.46 -

v.1.6.48 - 29.04.2016

  • new way to link SNMP Traps to objects and links;

  • ability to customize SNMP-Trap fields displayed in Event Log;

  • updated set of fields in Event Log;

  • adjustable number of stored events;

  • "ObjectGroup" objects creation has been moved to Main toolbar;

  • updated objects look;

  • Agent v.3.0.45 -

v.1.6.46 - 19.04.2016

  • JMX-sensor;

  • Agent autoinstallation;

  • XML-formatted data support by HTTP-sensor;

  • updated UI of "Program / script execution" sensor for easier setup of arguments with spaces;

  • percents rounded values in Agent Data table;

  • "Configuration file / directory" sensor improvements for better recognition of monitored file MIME-type.

v.1.6.45 - 21.03.2016

  • clickable section widgets;

  • data-server optimization.

v.1.6.44 - 29.02.2016

  • extended user management functionality;

  • "Configuration file / directory" sensor improvements for better recognition of monitored file MIME-type;

  • Standard View scrolling by dragging its background;

  • unpinned sections buttons highlighting;

  • object hierarchy rearrangement with drag-and-drop;

  • recurrence for Actions on state changes;

  • possibility to set actions for "Object is not functioning" state;

  • object sections widgets;

  • graph widget resizing;

  • object context menu;

  • link waypoints snapping to the grid;

  • Agent v.2.6.44 -

v.1.6.43 - 26.01.2016

  • new check - Configuration file / directory;

  • support of notifications via Telegram;

  • speeding-up of Navigation panel;

  • depth parameter for objects structure widgets;

  • Agent v.2.6.43 with new check support -

v.1.6.42 - 28.12.2015

  • technical update to fix password change inability for some users.

v.1.6.41 - 25.12.2015

  • waypoints for links;

  • possibility to link one SNMP Trap to several objects;

  • object change history (audit-log).

v.1.6.40 - 16.12.2015

  • new logic to show and hide sections;

  • new options for object background in Parameters section;

  • close Info Modal clicking on outside area;

  • updated Windows Agent installation instructions;

  • Agent v.2.7.42 and OS Solaris 5.10 support -

v.1.6.39 - 24.11.2015

  • objects structure widgets;

  • Agent v.2.6.40 with .NET Framework 4.x support -

v.1.6.38 - 11.11.2015

  • object references;

  • uniformity of State change conditions and Actions on state changes sections;

  • custom labels for widgets;

  • Agent v.2.5.38 and OS Windows x32 installer -

v.1.6.37 - 22.10.2015

  • support of SMS-notifications;

  • graphs widgets;

  • new control component to slide graphs;

  • JSON-formatted data support by HTTP-sensor;

  • "Contains" operator in State change conditions;

  • link’s state propagation to parent object;

  • example for recurrent notifications and event escalation.

v.1.5.36 - 25.09.2015

  • export agent data table to CSV-file;

  • double click to copy cell information from agent data table to the clipboard;

  • agent data metadata for the better information representation;

  • possibility to force object into desired state with conditions in case of “no data” accident;

  • manual object hierarchy rearrangement;

  • improved legend panel;

  • support of additional custom object states.

v.1.5.35 - 03.09.2015

  • drag&drop columns to change their order in Agent Data table;

  • counters/metrics in Standard View on objects are replaced by more functional widgets.

v.1.5.34 - 21.08.2015

  • Event Log background update;

  • pop-up window for links;

  • grid for objects arrangement in Standard View;

  • search filter in dropdown lists;

  • export of graph data to a CSV-file;

  • links in Navigation panel;

  • How to…​ section with examples is added.

v.1.5.33 - 28.07.2015

  • Table View for objects and links;

  • data table that is used to plot graphs;

  • "Send response body" switcher for HTTP-request;

  • SNMP-Traps grouping in Event Log.

v.1.5.32 - 20.07.2015

  • technical update to fix the problem of preservation of history data presented as JSON-array.

v.1.5.31 - 17.07.2015

  • possibility to disable recording of history data to MySQL;

  • expand all / collapse all" buttons for sections in End View;

  • extended error reason of agent task execution in State History;

  • optimization of history data writing;

  • severity highlighting of SNMP Traps.