References to objects

Reference is a special type of objects. It is used to display existing objects in other parts of the system, for example dashboards or object groups.

Using references it is possible to create links and flows between objects which are in different parts of the system.

Reference creation and deletion

In order to create a new reference it is necessary to:

  1. Open the New reference pop-up window by one of the following ways:

  2. In the appeared window select the object in the dropdown list.

  3. Click the button image.

Reference deletion is similar to object deletion: use the context menu or in the deletion mode.

Links and flows, which are going through deleted reference, are not deleted from the system, but hidden in the web interface. If the parent object has several references to same object, then links and flows are readjusted to one of remaining references. If there are no references left, links and flows will not be displayed, but they will be restored as soon as the new reference to the same object will be created.

Reference context menu

With the right click on a reference the reference context menu appears.


Using this menu it is possible to work with the corresponding object, as in the case with object context menu minus the fields Rename and Clone.

With selecting the field Delete in the reference context menu the reference will be deleted, but not the object.

Reference features

Please to keep in mind the following features and restrictions:

  • a reference cannot be created for an object, which is located at a higher level of the same branch of the hierarchy:


  • references have their own widgets (the icon image for adding a widget appears when mouse cursor hovers over the reference);

  • references have their own settings of displaying properties (the settings can be configured by clicking the icon image which appears when the mouse cursor is placed over the reference);

  • renaming a reference changes the name of the object it refers to, and vice versa;

  • a link, created between two references, creates the link between their objects, and vice versa;

    In the Navigation panel a link between references or between an object and a reference is displaying in the space with the initial object or the object which the initial reference refers to.
  • clicking a reference opens the object it refers to and transfers the user to the respective part of the system;

  • links and flows can be joined to only one object or reference to the object.

    If the object is present, than only the object is available for links and flows creation. If the object is absence, than links and flows will be built through the reference which was created earlier then the others.